Star Action Shots is a family owned and operated company.  Star Action Shots specializes in photographing dance competitions, dance recitals, and athletic tournaments.
The owner is a graduate of The Southeast Center For Photographic Studies at Daytona Beach College.  With over 28 years of experience in the photography industry, she has had the pleasure of working for Florida Fotobanc, Black Star Photo Agency, and The Associated Press.  She has had the honor of being published in several of the Nation's top publications including but not limited to, The New York Times, US News And World Report, Nations Business, Forbes, The St. Petersburg Times, Imagen Magazine,  and The Miami Herald.  Since 2013, Nicett has had the honor of photographing numerous dance competitions, including Intrigue, YAGP, Dance Open America, and ADC-IBC.
Star Action Shots was founded because of her love of capturing her own children's endeavors. This includes her daughter's various dance recitals and competitions, and her sons' baseball and football tournaments.  With the knowledge and expertise Nicett has gained throughout the years, she will capture the best action shots of your superstar!