0-Opening01-Brazil Kyla Mon and Wed 11-00 and 3-00 Class02-Level 8 Ribbon routine-Haley Kim03-Moldova-Lydia Sat 11-00 Class04-Level 7 Floor Routine-Momo Unger and Sobnia Zota-Duo05-Group Routine-Dina Xcel AB Team06-Floor Routine-Jo Yee Schnmitt Xcel B07-South Africa-Iliana Tue 3-30 Class08-Level 7 Clubs Routine-Sonia Zota09-Turkey-Dina Adult Rhythmic Class10-Level 7 Ball Routine-Julia Cao11-USA-Kyla Wed 1-00 Class12-Xcel B Ball Routine-Mila Gorey13-Ireland-Tanya Sun 10-00 Class14-Level 7 Hoop Routine-Alyssa Shukarenko15-Level 7 Floor Routine-Charis Liu16-India-Dina Wed Fri Scel AB Team17-Duo-Vanessa Chen and Anya Giopal18-China-Masha Mon Sat Xcel BCD Team19-Middle East-Masha and Lydia Duo20-Italy-Iliana Level 7-8 Team21-ClosingBackstage Show-7