If you are interested in our Studio Media Package, please CONTACT US and include the following in your message:

1.  Name of Competition;

2.  Your Studio's Name;

3.  Total number of routines entered in the competition.

In order to qualify for the Studio Media Package, a minimum of TEN (10) entries must be registered to compete.  The Studio Media Package includes all photos and videos of all solos, duos/trios, and groups routines registered to compete. 

The price is as follows:


1. 10-20 entries    = $65.00 per entry                                          1. 10-20 entries    = $80.00 per entry

2. 21-30 entries    = $60.00 per entry                                          2. 21-30 entries    = $75.00 per entry

3. over 30 entries = $55.00 per entry                                          3. over 30 entries = $70.00 per entry


*All registered routines must be purchased. 

Please note the following:

1.  Only one (1) email link will be sent to the studio's authorized representative, who is in charge of dispersing the media to each purchasing parent.

2.  If purchasing before the event (presale), please let us know via email ([email protected]) of your interest in the studio package presale and include the total number of routines the studio has registered.  We will then send the authorized studio representative an invoice for the total amount due.  At the event, please visit our booth so we can process your invoice and give you your receipt.

3.  If purchasing at the event (on site), please visit our booth on site so we can take your information and the routine numbers.