Q. When will the photos from the weekend be available online?  

All of your photos during regionals will be uploaded to the Star Action Shots website by the Friday following your event (in some cases sooner).
For Finals events?  All media will be uploading within 1 week after the event has finished, sometimes sooner.

Q. How do I place an order for videos post event? 

  1. Go to your desired event gallery.

  2. Click any image from that gallery.

  3. Click "Buy"

  4. A list of options will populate, including video.

  5. After you checkout, we will send you an email link.


Q. If I place a video order online how long does it take to receive it? 

 Digital videos will be emailed in 2 to 3 business days. A confirmation email will be sent informing you when your order has been emailed.  Be sure to check your spam/junk folder as the email may bounce there.


Q. How do I download the digital video and photographs to my computer from your website? 

To download your photo(s), you will receive a receipt with a download link after your check out.  Even if you purchased your photos on site, you will need to "buy" the photo(s) (at no charge) in order to receive the receipt with the download link.  Simply click on the download link in the receipt and the photo(s) will download to your computer.

To download your video(s), you will receive an email with a link to your video.  Click on the photo and our webpage with your video(s) will open.  Click on select video on the top right hand corner, then select download video.


Q. Its been 3 or more days since I placed an order for a digital video to be emailed, how can I follow up on that? 

        Try checking your spam/junk folders.  If you do not see an email from us in your inbox, send us an emai inquiry to [email protected].


Q. What should I do if I have a question about my order? 

Please email us at [email protected]